Course ID: TGS-2011500997

This course provides the knowledge and life skills to establish personal goals and relate them to team goals, manage time effectively, maintain work-life balance, manage stress as well as personal finances to be effective at the workplace.

Who is this course for?

Suitable for personnel with no supervisory responsibilities for others and who work under direction to perform a specific set of work activities.

Course Outline

  • Set personal goals and align them to team goals
  • Identify one’s role and responsibilities and their contribution towards the achievement of team goals
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses, list the strategies to overcome weaknesses and describe how personal strengths can contribute towards the achievement of team goals
  • Plan and complete personal tasks to meet team goals
  • Recognise symptoms of and deal with stress to maintain work effectiveness
  • Identify work-life balance programmes to maintain personal work-life balance
  • Identify one’s existing financial position using appropriate tools 

Course Delivery

Hands-on exercises, group discussions & presentation, case studies, facilitation & sharing

This course is offered in partnership with Eagle Infotech Consultants UEN198802365N.