Course ID: TGS-2021004299

Negotiation skills are skills that help an individual negotiate effectively or reach an agreement in conflicting situations. Negotiation skills are important in every part of our lives, even more so in business and organisational settings. The ability to negotiate effectively is highly appreciated in today’s competitive market. Businesses suffer losses due to poor negotiation skills while profitability increases with better negotiation skills.

Who is this course for?

Managers and High Potential Executives

Course Outline

  • Identify the objectives, context and elements of a negotiation plan
  • Compare possible outcomes of a negotiation plan based on external and pre-existing conditions
  • Execute negotiation techniques to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Analyse the outcomes of a negotiation to achieve organizational objectives

Course Delivery

Available in both online and face-to-face classroom formats

This course is offered in partnership with GEX Academy UEN201529371H.