Course ID: TGS-2021004298

Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing model that connects retailers with independent sales and marketers who are willing to invest time and money to sell their products. Most of the available affiliate marketing models are based on performance which means that retailers only pay when the affiliate delivers a specific customer action. In ecommerce, it can be an online purchase which makes affiliate marketing a cost-effective way for retailers.

Who is this course for?

Individuals and employees who need to work with partners and platforms for marketing and sales.

Course Outline

  • Be able to examine key components of an organisation’s affiliate marketing strategies and develop an implementation plan in alignment with the organisation’s overall marketing strategy.
  • Analyse different affiliate partners and platforms to develop an affiliate marketing portfolio for the organisation’s products and services.
  • Examine policies and guidelines on affiliate marketing, and analyse critical factors on affiliate partner selection.
  • Review affiliate marketing campaign management and monitor performance metrics on ROI (Returns on Investment)

Course Delivery

Available in both online and face-to-face classroom formats

This course is offered in partnership with GEX Academy UEN201529371H.